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Evolution of Media Delivery

The market of Media Delivery is an evolving industry. With new technology being introduced all the time; Companies are always looking for a faster or more cost efficient method of performing their media storage and delivery services. One new form of media and data delivery is accomplished with the InterPlanetary File System. There are many benefits to this method of data or media delivery. The use that we have developed pertains to media delivery to TV, web apps, mobile apps and more.

Node Network and WEB3 Storage

The Decentralized Node Network that is released by Total Network will grow in strength each time a new node is connected. Total Network will offer incentives to users to host a node to support the network. This form of content delivery will offer a peer to peer distribution method as opposed to using a traditional CDN. The result will be reduced bandwidth, reduced piracy and better analytical traffic monitoring of media just to name a few.

Open to mint NFTs on all Blockchains and Cryptocurrencies

Total Network offers a software solution that allows our media delivery technology to work with any blockchain. This opens up the uses to any NFT minted on any cryptocurrency or blockchain. Opening our platform up to all Web 3 hosted media allows us to continue growing and expanding the forms and hosts of media that we work with. Whether you like ETH for its major market share in the NFT realm, or Polygon for its free minting; Total Network is open to work with all NFT producers and creators.

To summarize, with the help of IPFS and IPLD we want to reduce the mammoth amount of bandwidth used by the current and traditional streaming technologies and provide a persistent content storage, better quality streaming. This also helps to avoid keeping and transferring so many copies of content over the internet and instead start addressing the media by its content. This IPFS based streaming system will also allow us to reduce the unwanted censorship of content and automate the streaming process whenever necessary to make it easier for everyone.

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