Getting Started

Provide Total Network with the media, assets or items you would like to be used the Total Network ecosystem

The Total TV Network team will onboard each client individually to assure that they are directed to the right Manager to fit their needs.

Heath Douglass: Total Network Solutions Manager

Joe Grimm: Total TV/ Media Manager

Shantel Harper: Total Fan Experience Manager

Gerald Wolff: Media Advertising/ Marketing Manager

Our designated manager will hold a Virtual Meeting with you to start working on a plan to assure each clients success and satisfaction.

Start: Below are the pricing estimated for Total Network Services

Currently managing designers, leading design strategy and execution, and collaborating cross-functionally to create high-growth products.

Service Development:

Price/ Design Team Manager

Streaming TV Channel Development: $49-$5000 year/ Joe Grimm

Custom Mobile or TV Application Development: Contact / Joe Grimm

Commercial Ad Distribution: $1000-Unlimited/ Gerald Wolff

Asset Tokenization/ Digital Rights Creation: $1-$300/ Heath Douglass

Custom Technology Solution: Ask for more detail

Tracking and Inventory Solution: Contact / Joe Grimm

Book an event with Total Fan Experience: Shantel Harper

Book an Interview to air on Total TV: Heath Douglass

The Total Network is managed by a diverse team of professionals implementing design and strategic planning contributing to successful projects. A 15 minute Virtual Meeting is required before we launch your new solution, media or release to assure client satisfaction and compliance.

Go: Below are the timelines estimated for Total Network Services

Application Development: (Mobile or TV)
3-30 days

Channel Development:
1-14 days

Technology Solution Development:
1-90 days

Media/ Asset Tokenization Establishing Transferable Digital Rights:

1-30 days

If you have any questions or concerns please email us at:


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